Verwöhnset 2

    Verwöhnset 2

    Pampering set 2

    Product description

    With this exclusive pampering set, you can give your skin the natural and nourishing protection 

    it needs. Treat yourself to soothing relaxation and feel Alpenfesch every day.

    Pampering set 2 

    1 x Alpenfesch hand cream

    1 x Alpenfesch body lotion

    1 x Alpenfesch sample face cream (5 x 2ml)

    1 x Alpenfesch gift bag

    1 x product manual Alpen-Vital (1 copy)

    1 x Alpenfesch foot cream 

    Note: These items are not eligible for exchange.


    For information on the items contained in the set, please refer to the relevant product detail pages in the "Care products" section 

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