Vital-Systeme for humans

Additional supplement

The best that nature has to offer

Health is one of our greatest assets. Our aim at Reico is to restore mineral balance to the human body and thus create the best possible state of health. 

To achieve this, we have drawn on the knowledge gained from 50 years of development and practical experience of the fundamentals of the natural cycle of minerals and trace elements and have developed our unique additional supplements on this basis.

Our products (with the exception of Gelee Royal) are suitable for vegans, free of colourants, preservatives, gluten, milk and flavourings. They are easy to measure and, depending on the product, contain various vital micronutrients that can stimulate the body's metabolic processes. The body's cells absorb and metabolise the minerals very efficiently as they are made from micronised (i.e. finely ground) organic ingredients.

Let our products help you feel good!

Body care


Reico, our company from the Allgäu, has stood for high-quality products from the cycle of nature for more than 25 years. Now it's time to dedicate our time to our largest organ – the skin. 

And we have set ourselves a goal: We want to combine the best that the Alpine region has to offer for your health as well as your beauty. To make you feel "fesch", as we say in Bavaria when someone is pretty, cheeky and cheerful.

We have brought a renowned Swiss company on board to develop our innovative skincare products. It was important to us that our new products are of the highest quality and as natural as possible and thus represent an optimal complement to our innovative product range for humans. 

Therefore our cosmetic products naturally contain no paraffins or colourants, but only natural active ingredients from a variety of herbs, oils and pure plant extracts.

Our cosmetic products have been dermatologically tested by our manufacturer and are suitable for all ages and skin types – for men and women alike.

Vital-Systeme for home and farm


Our Multihysan demonstrates how effectively essential plant oils can be used as a vegetable cleaning concentrate. For use in agricultural operations, in pet keeping facilities or in private households. Multihysan ensures hygienic cleanliness in a purely natural way.

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