The energy boost from oxygen


    Product description

    The three essential elements for life are: 

     Oxygen • Water • Minerals 

     All minerals and trace elements are coordinated so that the activating and regulating minerals are in balance. That is why we speak of mineral balance. 

     In Cellmin, two of the three basic elements are combined (minerals and oxygen). Oxygen is obtained due to the modified alginic acid and thus transferred into the body cells. 

     We have succeeded in extracting and stabilizing the basic material from the plant (algae that inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen). 

     This plant-based basic material supplies your body as well as the brain cells with more oxygen. You are more efficient at work, sports and leisure activities. Cellmin naturally increases the uptake of oxygen in your muscle and body cells. Cellmin supports endurance and speed in sporting activities. 

     Cellmin is ideally suited for everyone who learns a lot, is about to take an exam or for managers who are under constant stress.

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