Buch "Ab heute gesund!" (German)
    Buch "Ab heute gesund!" (German)

    Buch "Ab heute gesund!" (German)

    Johannes Aaron Seidler: 'Ab heute gesund'


    Product description

    The progress of our time means that many diseases arise that we cannot cope with despite the most modern edicine. These include the typical "lifestyle diseases" such as loss of vitality, insomnia, obesity, allergies, up to severe chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the entire range of autoimmune diseases. The main cause - apart from a common mental misalignment - lies in the undersupply of the body's own enzyme systems, which disrupts the natural regulatory system of the organism. 

     In this book, the author reports on his sensational treatment successes with unlocked enzymes in liquid form as a total systemic therapy. The author is also in contact with dentists, beauticians and podiatrists and regularly exchanges information about new successes in the individual areas. 

     Through internal and external use of unlocked enzymes, humans and animals have the opportunity to reactivate their endogenous enzyme system within a very short time to bring the target state. Even dentists report freedom from pain and accelerated healing success. In the cosmetics and foot care industries, digested enzymes are already traded as an insider tip. 

     The manufacturing process for digested enzymes - cascade fermentation - is patented by the European Patent Office with the number 1153549.

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