Heimatglück Schmankerl Trio - 1x Rind...

    Heimatglück Schmankerl Trio - 1x Rind 300 g, 1x Geflügel 300 g, 1x Wild 300 g

    Mineral balance
    Mineral balance

    Heimatglück Schmankerl Trio (snack pack)

    Product description

    Variety is the spice of life: The Heimatglück Schmankerl Trio snack pack contains one each of beef with pumpkin and yarrow (300 g), venison with beetroot and dandelion (300 g), and poultry with potato and nettle (300 g). This way you can find out what your dog likes best or successfully offer your pet a change of pace every day.

    Jautiena su moliūgais ir kraujažolėmis (300 g), žvėriena su burokėliais ir kiaulpienėmis (300 g) ir paukštiena su bulvėmis ir dilgėlėmis (300 g)


    Complete feed:

    Heimatglück dog menus are produced with plenty of high-quality meat, good vegetables, and aromatic herbs in our own Reico manufactory in the beautiful Allgäu region. The gentle cooking method in a water bath results in preserving many nutrients. In addition to various selected meadow herbs, each variety of Heimatglück contains a special herb that makes the menu unique and of particular value for the dog. The regional products, the good land, the farmers and suppliers from the neighbourhood, the high meat content, the selected meadow herbs, and the gentle, natural production method without use of any artificial additives, flavourings or preservatives, all contribute to making the Heimatglück dog menus a true, species-appropriate treat for your beloved four-legged friend.


    Beef, pumpkin and yarrow

    beef 60.5 % (beef, beef liver, beef lung, beef heart, udder), beef broth 20 %, pumpkin 6.8 %, carrots 5 %, amaranth flour, linseed flour, brewer's yeast, minerals, egg shell powder, wheat germ oil, yarrow 0.4 %, salmon oil, meadow herbs, algae

    Analytical constituents:

    Crude protein 11.2 %
    Crude fats  9.8 %
    Crude fibres  1.0 %
    Crude ash  1.7 %
    Moisture71.8 %
    Calcium  0.3 %
    Phosphorus  0.2 %

    Game, beetroot and dandelion

    venison meat and beef 62.7 % (venison meat, beef liver, beef lung, beef heart), beef broth 20 %, potatoes 6.6 %, beetroot 2.7 %, amaranth flour, linseed flour, brewer’s yeast, minerals, egg shell powder, wheat germ oil, dandelion 0.5 %, salmon oil, meadow herbs, algae

    Analytical constituents: 

    Crude protein13.9 %
    Crude fats  7.5 %
    Crude fibres  0.9%
    Crude ash  2.2 %
    Moisture70.8 %
    Calcium  0.3 %
    Phosphorus  0.2 %

    Poultry, potato and nettle

    poultry 60 % (turkey, turkey liver, chicken heart, chicken stomach), poultry broth 23 %, potatoes 5 %, oatmeal 3.9 %, amaranth flour, linseed flour, brewer’s yeast, minerals, egg shell powder, wheat germ oil, stinging nettles 0.6 %, salmon oil, meadow herbs, algae

    Analytical constituents:

    Crude protein11.1 %
    Crude fats  5.8 %
    Crude fibres  0.6 %
    Crude ash  3.9 %
    Moisture73.5 %
    Calcium  1.0 %
    Phosphorus  0.4 %

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