MaxidogVit Schonkost Pute

    MaxidogVit Schonkost Pute

    Gluten Free Recipe
    Gluten Free Recipe
    Mineral balance
    Mineral balance
    Lactose Free Recipe
    Lactose Free Recipe

    Light food for sensitive dogs

    • 200 g
    • 400 g
    • 800 g

    Product description

    Complete feed: 

    Our MaxidogVit® light food with turkey is just right for sensitive dogs, older dogs, allergy sufferers and dogs with stomach problems. The light food with easily digestible turkey meat, delicious rice and our unique algae mixture, which brings the body into its mineral balance, is gluten-free and provides your dog with everything he needs for a long, healthy life.

    MaxidogVit® Gentle food turkey is a complete feed with high quality raw materials, which is produced in Germany and gently bottled cold. It contains no artificial additives, flavorings or preservatives and no added sugar. Try our other varieties for more variety.


    Composition: Meat and animal by-products: 69% turkey, 4% rice, meat broth, algae. 

    Analytical components: 

    Crude protein 11,10 %
    Crude fats   6,50 %
    Raw phases   0,40 %
    Raw ash   2,00 %
    Humidity 78,00 %
    Calcium  0,34 %
    Phosphorus   0,20 %

    Our animal by-products are of high quality and consist of: stomach, heart, liver and Neck.

    Feeding recommendation / Content

    So that your darling always gets fresh food, we offer different can sizes. We recommend that you do not store any started cans in the refrigerator for longer than two days. 

    The following table shows the daily requirement of MaxidogVit®

    The quantities listed above are guidelines. The individual requirement depends on the breed, activity, housing conditions and other factors. 

    Net weight: 

    200 g / Item no .: 1007 

    400 g / Item no .: 1023 

    800 g / Item no .: 1031

    Rma Policy

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