MaxiSan Naturstreu (4.3kg)

    MaxiSan Naturstreu (4.3kg)

    Clumping litter for cats

    Product description

    MaxiSan Naturstreu litter is a highly absorbent clumping litter which is gentle on paws and made from pure wood fi bres cultivated regionally. The litter is environmentally friendly with regard to its manufacture and use. It is a biodegradable, economical and highly efficient cat litter.

    The litter produces very little dust and is characterised by firm clumping, long-lasting odour retention and an antibacterial effect. It also has a pleasant natural wood smell.

    The benefits of MaxiSan Naturstreu:

    • 100 % pure wood fibres
    • maximum absorbency
    • firm clumping
    • retains odours immediately
    • antibacterial effect
    • pleasant, natural wood smell
    • produces very little dust
    • low net weight
    • gentle on paws
    • extremely low consumption and therefore economical
    • made from renewable raw materials and thereby saves resources


    Fill a layer of MaxiSan Naturstreu in the litter box. Remove the clumps daily with the grid shovel. Refi ll as necessary and replace completely at regular intervals.

    Small quantities can be disposed of in the toilet. Larger quantities must be disposed of in the organic waste bin, with the compost or with the household waste. Please observe the local disposal regulations.

    Content / Item no.

    4,3 kg / 2019

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