Bio Vit 1 H 86 Phase 1

    Bio Vit 1 H 86 Phase 1

    Bio Vit 1H86 Phase 1

    • 150 g
    • 300 g

    Product description

    Supplementary feed 

     for dogs and cats of all breeds 

     To support the reproductive process in a biological way


    By-products from baked goods, micronised plants (male fern, garlic, goosefoot, buckthorn bark, camomile, cinnamon, pumpkin, rhubarb, tansy, Corsican moss, santolina (holy herb), artemisia cina, gentian, caraway, turmeric, absinthe, eucalyptus, blueberry, dill, clove, lemongrass, juniper, broccoli, thyme, aloe)

    Analytical components: 

    Crude protein 16,00 %
    Fat content 2,00 %
    Raw phases 6,00 %
    Raw ash 17,00 %
    Humidity 8,00 %


    Additives per kg: 

    (1m558i) Bentonite-Montmorillonite, flavor

    Feeding recommendation

    Feeding recommendation: 

    Add granules to the feed for approx. 10 - 14 days: 

    5 g per 10 kg body weight per day 

    After that: See 2H86 phase 2

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