Lebe - flüssig

    Lebe - flüssig

    Complementary feed

    Product description

    for dogs, cats, horses and other pets


    Flavors and appetizing substances (artichoke, hawthorn, grouse, milk thistle, barberry, fenugreek, bedstraw, gentian, nettle, dandelion, horsetail, black winter radish, goldenrod), organic apple cider vinegar, wood molasses (contains chestnut, mineral water), sea salt, minerals . 

    Analytical components: 

    Crude protein<0,1 %
    Crude fats<0,1 %
    Raw phases<0,1 %
    Raw ash9,18 %
    Humidity91,0 %
    Sodium<0,1 %

    Additives per liter: E4 copper (sulfate pentahydrate) 50 mg, E5 manganese (sulfate monohydrate) 50 mg, E6 zinc (sulfate monohydrate) 50 mg, flavorings 250,000 mg, E330 citric acid 2,000 mg

    Feeding recommendation / Content

    Feeding recommendation: 

    For dogs, cats, horses, goats and sheep approx. 3 - 4 weeks 2 - 3 ml per 10 kg body weight per day. 

    Large animals per 100 kg body weight: 15-20 ml per day =

    Ask your REICO nutritionist for use in tournament sports and for other applications. 


    0.5 liters / Item no .: 4046

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