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    MaxidogVit Wild

    Mineral balance
    Mineral balance
    Lactose Free Recipe
    Lactose Free Recipe

    MaxidogVit Venison

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    Product description

    Our MaxidogVit Venison brings variety to your dog's diet. As it is very easy to digest, it is particularly suitable for growing and adult dogs suffering from allergies and food intolerances. It contains a mixture of easily digestible game and poultry meat, tasty noodles, golden yellow pumpkin, crunchy zucchini, healthy salmon oil and our unique algae mixture, which brings the body to a state of mineral balance.

    MaxidogVit Wet feed

    Complete feed for all dog breeds

    As with our entire product range, we were guided by nature in the development of our MaxidogVit wet feed. So MaxidogVit contains everything a dog needs for a healthy, long and satisfied life in a wholesome formula: lots of meat, tasty vegetables and our unique algae mixture, which brings the body to a state of mineral balance.

    We use only high-quality, natural and GMO-free raw materials to manufacture our products. All ingredients are freshly processed in Germany, cold filled and carefully cooked to optimally preserve the valuable and vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

    MaxidogVit provides your dog with a balanced and varied diet.

    This is what distinguishes our wet feed:

    • High meat content of 69 – 74 %

    • Our unique algae mixture, bringing the body to a state of mineral balance. The scale indicates the mineral balance.

    • Delicious vegetables

    • Exclusive use of high-quality raw materials

    • All raw materials are natural and GMO-free

    • No artificial additives, flavourings or preservatives

    • No added sugar

    • Careful cooking and cold filling

    • Manufactured in Germany

    • Constant nutritional-physiological controls

    • Species-appropriate dog food without animal testing

    Animal by-products: The animal by-products we use are high-quality raw materials, including heart, liver, rumen, lungs, kidneys, throat and udder. We do not use slaughterhouse waste in our products!

    Microbiological profile: Our wet dog feed is produced based on the current EU guidelines. The meat we use comes from German slaughterhouses.

    Feeding recommendation: We offer different can sizes to ensure your pet has fresh nutrition at all times. We recommend not to store opened cans in the refrigerator for more than 2 days. The adjacent table shows the minimum requirement of MaxidogVit per day. The quantities listed are guidelines. The individual requirement depends on the breed, activity, housing conditions and other factors.


    meat and animal byproducts: 49 % venison, 20 % poultry, 4 % pasta, 4 % pumpkin, 2 % courgette, meat broth, algae, salmon oil

    Analytical constituents: 

    Crude protein11,00 %
    Crude fats  6,20 %
    Crude fibres  0,40 %
    Crude ash  1,90 %
    Moisture78,00 %
    Calcium  0,29 %
    Phosphorus  0,20 %

    Our animal by-products are of high quality and this variety consists of: lungs, liver, stomach and throat.

    Feeding recommendation / Content

    So that your darling always gets fresh food, we offer different can sizes. We recommend that you do not store any started cans in the refrigerator for longer than two days. 

    The following table shows the daily requirement of MaxidogVit

    The quantities listed above are guidelines. The individual requirement depends on the breed, activity, housing conditions and other factors. 

    Net quantity: 

    200 g / Item No .: 1002 

    400 g / Item No .: 1018 

    800 g / Item No .: 1026

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