3 A 86 (Pulver) (1kg)

    3 A 86 (Pulver) (1kg)

    Plant additives made from seaweed


    Product description

    Plant additives using plant substances 

     For the production of 3 A86  we extract three different types of algae from the sea. These are gently dried, mixed and then microfinely ground using a special process and packed in foil bags. 

     3 A86  has three effects: 

    •  Mineral salts bundle and scatter sunlight 
    •  Leaves heat up, chlorophyll production increases 
    •  The metabolism is enriched with vital substances 

     In detail, this means: 

     3 A86 is a plant tonic that has a lasting effect on the metabolism and root formation of the plant. Growth, health and resilience are positively promoted. 

     3 A86  is used in the spraying process and can be mixed and applied with all commercially available pesticides and spraying agents. 

     3 A86 allows plants to overcome weather stress (drought, cold, overwatering) and growth depressions more easily . 

     3 A86  promotes the early, deep and extensive rooting of the culture. This increases the nutrient and water absorption capacity, as a result of which an improved fertilizer utilization is guaranteed. Quality and yield are increased and thus contribute to a positive operating result. 

    3 A86  consists solely of natural raw materials from the sea. Its ideal composition of micronutrients, minerals and trace elements as well as vitamins and enzymes, lanthanides and growth stimulants, given by nature, nourish and promote vital soil life. The degradation of humus is slowed down. The increased root mass (up to 30% more) provides more organic matter in the soil. This serves as food for worms and microorganisms, which increasingly produce the healthy, nutrient-rich and vital humus that the plants need. The regeneration of the soil is positively influenced in the long term.

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