Our sunshine for the nervous system


    Product description

    There are times in life that feel like a constant rush hour. They are characterized by stress, high performance demands in professional and private life as well as little time for the urgently needed regeneration phases. 

     If there are also no rest breaks and nutrients, the body makes use of its energy reserves. He's out of whack. This is not good for the body and soul in the long run. You may be familiar with the negative consequences of this overexploitation of your own body: nervousness, inner restlessness, tension, difficulty concentrating, tiredness, exhaustion. 

     Would you like to take countermeasures and refill your deposits? Feel more mental strength again? Get back into your mineral and emotional balance? Then treat your body to rest breaks, a balanced, varied diet and support it in regeneration with our mentamine. 

     Everything the body needs to strengthen itself from the inside out for everyday life is contained in one capsule: the one for the body's most important minerals, activating oxygen and the phyto-substances from herbs that are important for our mental strength. Mentamine is a purely natural product with no additives or sugar. 

     But mentamine can support your body not only in stressful times, but also after illnesses or chronic complaints. Figuratively speaking, it can bring more sun into your life, especially in the dark winter months. Try it out and say: “Goodbye winter blues! Goodbye stress symptoms! "

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