Levi - Saft
    Levi - Saft

    Levi - Saft

    Strengthens and supports internal cleansing


    Product description

    Cascade fermentation 

     Support of biological regulation processes 

     Levi-Saft was developed to support the body in its biological regulation processes. 

     Levi-Saft contributes to a healthy energy metabolism and supports normal immune function. Its special production method and the dandelion it contains help to stimulate the body to drain. 

     Its intake supports the liver in its normal function, for example, the removal of toxins. 

     The unique and complex process of the Cascade fermentation developed. 

     Here, fruits, nuts and vegetables in a semi-ripe state are broken down into small molecules in several steps and fermented into a liquid concentrate. This concentrate contains the best of its ingredients, can be optimally absorbed by the cells of the body and supply them with new energy. 

     Levi-Saft contains amino acids, oligopeptides, secondary plant substances, dextrorotatory lactic acid and cell wall components of the lactic acid bacteria. It is free from colorings and preservatives, gluten and milk as well as flavor enhancers. Levi juice is suitable for vegans.

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